player rules

All Bats and Balls are provided.   Guaranteed two games


  • Teams will consist of 4 to 10 players, any age, any gender.

  • A player can be on one team only, no combining of teams once games have started.


  • Games will consist of 3 innings or 40 minutes. In the first inning, the team batting shall send 10 (ten) batters to the plate regardless of how many outs. After the first inning, all innings shall end after 3 (three) outs.  Ties will be broken by playing extra innings.

  • All players must take the field for at least one complete inning.

  • Forfeit will be declared if any team does not have at least 4 players.


  • No pitching conservative innings.

  • Pitcher must pitch from designated spot.

  • No fast pitch, the ball must have an arc.

  • No base is awarded for a hit-by-pitch.

  • NO walks, NO balls, NO balks


  • Each batter starts with one strike.  Three strikes is an out.

  • An Adirondack chair set up 3 ft behind home plate will serve as the strike zone (target) and determine strikes. If a pitch strikes the chair on the fly, it shall be a strike.

  • NO bunting or chapping at pitches

  • If a batter is on base when his/her turn to hit arrives, a substitute baserunner shall take his/her place so that they may bat.

Batter/baserunner is out IF:

  1. Three strikes are called

  2. On the second foul ball after two strikes are called.

  3. If a batted ball is caught on the fly.

  4. If a forces base is tagged by a fielder with the ball before runner reaches the base.

  5. If tagged or hit with a thrown or batted ball while not on a base.

  6. If the ball hits the chair before runner crosses home plate, the player is out.

** no hitting above the shoulders


  • Maximum of five fielders may play the field at one time. Every player on the team must play.  Fielders may be substituted at will once every player has played one full inning in the outfield. All fielders must be positioned in fair territory when pitch is released.

  • Catcher will be provided by the batting team (to throw ball back).

  • NO gloves shall be used in the field.

  • NO infield fly rule in effect.

  • If the ball hits the chair before runner crosses home plate, the player is out.

  • If the ball hits the player, the player is out. **bee sting!


  • NO leading or stealing.

  • Baserunners may not leave the base until the ball is hit.

  • Sliding is strictly prohibited. * runner will be declared out and strictly enforced.

  • Runner is responsible to avoid any contact with fielders. Runner making contact with a fielder shall be declared out.

  • Courtesy runner will be allowed at the discretion of the umpire.


  • The umpire has final ruling.

  • The Captain of the Team is the ONLY person to contest to the umpire (Captains will wear wristband).

  • You are not allowed to bring your own bat or ball.

  • Team captains; please report your score to the check in table – located at second base.


(both in violation of license).

Most of all  – Have Fun!