Just Checking In...

John Waldron

We finished our 8th and final year as a tournament in 2018. The Just Checking In Committee is so thankful for the opportunity to develop relationships with so many in our community, coming together to support our organization.

Although the tournament is over, JCI is still committed to giving back to our surrounding communities and finding ways to support so many great causes.

We honor John's memory but continuing to check in on those we love. Please learn more about volunteering, or continue to donate so that we can keep the love alive!

Your support helps us give back to numerous programs and scholarships for Brockton and other surrounding communities!

Check out all of the different programs we support and learn about how you can be a part of it all!

We love to share information on programs we are involved in, announcements about our Wiffleball Tournament, and spreading awareness of other great opportunities to give back to your community!